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It's the end of a long, hard day in the SCORE Studio. Yep, Angela's spent the last eight hours giving her tits and pussy quite a workout. Sucking and biting her nipples. Fucking her pussy with her fingers and big dildos. So it's time for her to relax with a nice, warm bath. Angela takes off her little red dress, and she speaks to us in her sexy Aussie accent. We see her big, floppy tits, soft belly and hairy pussy. She was only 18 years old when this video was shot and looked so young and succulent. She soaps up her big tits and shakes them into the camera. "I really want to impress you V-Girls out there," Angela says. "I'm going to massage my boobies. I gave them a hard workout today. Slapped them around and sucked them and bit them. But it was fun." She tit-fucks the shower massager then uses it on her pussy. "It turns me on so much when you guys jack off, especially when it's to me." Turn her on, men.
Angela has often been called "The Ultimate Girlfriend." She's a real man pleaser. Many of you know Angela's background. How she started her career at SCORE and Voluptuous in 2003, how she found us and how many hot videos and DVDs she's made with us. "I didn't really get much attention from guys when I was younger," Angela said. "I was little and skinny. I didn't look much like a woman. And I was really shy as well. They didn't pay attention to me. So when I got my tits, my shyness just went away. I wouldn't talk to people before. I wouldn't come out, wouldn't talk to anyone. So after that, all the guys started paying attention to me. I spent all my money on clothes before my boobs got bigger, so I owed my mum a lot of money. Then my boobs got huge, and all I had was my little clothes, so all I wore for a span of about six months was all these clothes that fit me like B-cups. So the shirts were stretched right out!" If there's any doubt that females (at least the right ones) belong in a locker room, Angela is the proof. That Aussie accent is hot, too.
Angela White dressed for school. This is not a stretch of the imagination. Angela went to a university in Australia, but she did not wear anything like this. "I usually wear my little Dickie dresses," Angela informed us. "The brand Dickie came out with little dresses. I always have to order my Dickies from America and pay three times as much. They call them their nurse dresses. They're short and they button all the way up, and they come in different colors." In this video. Angela is amazingly talented and extroverted for a new model who'd just graduated from high school. She seems to be as much at home in the SCORE Studio as she would be in her own private bedroom. Jiggling her big, gorgeous tits or rotating a toy dick in and out of her wet pussy, Angela savors every second of the moment as our behind-the-scenes cam records the horny Aussie babe at play.
Angela visited our studio for the first time in September 2003, just six months after she turned 18. An incredible year for natural newcomers-that year brought Angela White, Sapphire, Sunshine, Cherry Brady and Brandy Talore, among others-suddenly got a lot better. There are many great things about Angela. One of the greatest is that she contacted us to find out about modeling. When we saw her test shots, we immediately booked her flight to Miami, Florida. We wish we could've made it a one-way ticket. Angela was super-excited when she arrived at our studio. She was living her dream. And when it became apparent that the girl was a great model, we immediately decided to produce her debut DVD, A Day With Angela White. In this DVD, high-energy Angela is followed by the vid-cams as she poses for the magazines, gets playful with her fantastic, big boobs and horny pussy, sits down for an interview/clothing show with the editors and soaps up her naturals in the shower. This excerpt is the opener of A Day With Angela White. You'll love her sexy Aussie accent.
In this video interview, Angela explains why she decided to try hardcore XXX boy-girl after eight years of only solo and girl-girl (and some memorable girl-girls, at that, with Cherry, Christy and Brandy). Why did Angela decide to do this in 2011? Did anything in her life change that prompted her? What motivated her eight years after her SCORE debut (longer than her idol Linsey Dawn McKenzie took to encounter the man-pole)? Back in 2003, did Angela wonder if she was eventually going to do this or was it not in her mind? This first scene is a Tits & Tugs crank-yanker, and Angela's everything you thought she would be. Our Australian beauty has the situation well in hand.
In this scene, shot in St. Maarten, the Caribbean, Angela has a big bang, and she's got fellow SCORE Girl Maggie Green as her busty, sexy wing-woman to help her pull it off. Two women in one bed, one dude, the #1 fantasy of most guys. Before this scene was shot, Angela said about Maggie, "I think I'm just going to go nuts on her. I'm going to eat her pussy like no one ever has before. I really love eating pussy. And I think we'll just jump Juan. Tear him apart. He's going to be in parts by the time we're through!" When Maggie did her first full XXX later on (she only helped Angela with the cock in this scene), she talked about this threesome. "It did feel a litle third-wheelish, but I still had fun. It was a hot scene. But it was one of those things where I thought, 'Hmmmm, maybe I should join in.' But I wouldn't want to do it on impulse. I wanted to be sure. I've had threesomes in my personal life where I was involved, but I've never sat there and...well, I was involved to a degree. I helped put the cock in Angela's pussy. That was fun. I liked doing that. I don't know why. It felt dirty. Putting somebody's cock in another chick's pussy." In the end, Angela got all the cock and all the cum. And she also got Maggie's pussy.