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Pillow fight!

Angela and Christy Marks were in high hooter heaven when they met. Their fascination with each other's mouthwatering tits knew no limits. (In other words, they think like we do.) Only breast-o-holics like us would bring American and Australian titty goddesses together on a Caribbean island for a full week. Everything you ever suspected about what young, big-breasted girls actually do with one another in a room behind closed doors is revealed in this video.

At first Angela and Christy are good girls, making their beds, but then material possessiveness creeps in and each claims the same pillow. Neither Christy nor Angela will give an inch (and they have plenty to spare), and that can only mean one thing: PILLOW FIGHT!

The girls jump wildly from bed to bed swinging their soft pillows at each other. Your mouse hand may tighten into a death grip when the girls pull up their shirts to let those exquisite hooters hang and sway free. In years to come, this jiggle joust will be spoken of… Read More »
Featuring: Angela White and Christy Marks
Date: May 12th, 2024
Duration: 13:42

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