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Island hottie

Angela wore her red dress for this shoot during Big Boob Paradise week in Eleuthera, the Bahamas. Her enthusiasm was always high, and that made her island mates feel good. One of Angela's dreams came true that week. It was to meet one of her greatest idols, Lorna Morgan. Angela had worshipped Lorna from afar from the first time she saw the Welsh Wonder in a SCORE magazine back home in Australia. Now she was on an island with Lorna.

"Shooting anywhere is always good, but to get out to an exotic location with beautiful scenery, white sand and blue water is the best," Angela said. "Add to that five women with 10 big tits and it truly is a paradise."

One of Angela's biggest fantasies involves two SCORE Girls she hasn't met: Linsey Dawn McKenzie and Autumn-Jade.

"I'd like to chain Linsey down, and I'd like to be chained down by Autumn," Angela said. "I don't know why. I'd like to dominate Linsey because she's portrayed as the best big-boob model in the United Kingdom, and it gives her power. She's got those big boobs and that tiny, little waist. I just want to overpower her. I'd go nuts. I'd probably just, like, get a dildo and start fucking her, and I'd probably make her lick me out, sit on her face, that kind of thing."

Maybe she'll pull up the red dress she's wearing here and sit on Linsey's face. One can always dream.
Featuring: Angela White
Date: June 2nd, 2024
Photos: 70

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