coming soon: Angela works it out

Angela works it out

A girl with a body like Angela's doesn't need to workout, but if she wants to invite us to watch her workout routine, we're all eyes. Of course, here, Angela doesn't spend much time actually exercising, unless you count squeezing her big tits and fucking herself with a dildo as exercise.

Here's more from Angela's first interview in 2003.

SCORELAND: You kinda remind me of Lorna Morgan.
Angela: I love Lorna Morgan.
SCORELAND: Any other girls in particular you like?
Angela: I love Linsey. I think I've got a little obsession with her. Who else do I really love? I love them all. I really love, I don't know how to pronounce her name, Orsolya.
SCORELAND: Orsolya. Hungarian girl.
Angela: The XXX shoot with her, I have the centerfold on my wall.
SCORELAND:Let's say right now, you can have any model for some hot girl-girl action. Who would it be?
Angela: Can I have two? Autumn-Jade and Linsey.
Featuring: Angela White
Date: December 3rd, 2023
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