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This video from the DVD "Ultimate Cherry Brady" is historic in the world of naturally chesty chicks. It's the first time Angela mets Cherry. The two girls would subsequently team-up again for "Busty Ladies of Oil Wrestling" with Annie Swanson and Brandy Talore. The pairing of Cherry and Angela is like rubbing two sticks of dynamite together. It's only a matter of time before the explosion. Under orders from the red-haired temporary boss of TSG, Angela takes off her clothes in Cherry's office and has her purse examined. Cherry finds contraband snuck in by Angela: big fucking toys that Angela uses to get huge orgasms. Angela and Cherry use their tongues and toys on each other to reach the peak of female ecstasy. Nipples, pussies and other erogenous zones are completely satisfied and soaked with pussy juices and saliva, and there's also lots of zesty pillow talk. This is not some languorous girl-girl scene shot in soft-focus through wine glasses. This is a bawdy, busty, lusty, slam-bam whamathon with non-stop sucking, licking and toy-banging accompanied by raunchy, hot girl talk. A great moment in big-tit history!
One of the greatest big-boob events of the 2000s occurred when Angela White met Cherry Brady on the set of Busty Ladies of Oil Wrestling in 2004. This was a once-in-a-lifetime encounter of two huge-chested babes who don't just love their own big tits; they love other girls' big tits, too. So, Angela had a chance to try out her interviewing chops when we sat her down-in a bed, of course-with Cherry for an in-depth interview. Both are wearing bras and panties. The thing about this interview, though, is that Cherry can't keep her hands off the interviewer's tits, and before long, she's mounting Angela while our intrepid reporter tries to ask her questions. You're going to find out a lot about Cherry in this interview. You're also going to see her tits. And you're going to see a different side of Angela, too.
Angela and Brandy Talore are sharing a hotel room. They are in Miami to film the Busty Ladies of Oil Wrestling (B.L.O.W.) DVD with Annie Swanson and Cherry Brady. Both girls are in the same double bed. Most guys would sell their souls to be in the middle of Angela and Brandy for one night. "Brandy, if you're planning on going to sleep, I need that side of the bed," Angela says. "No, I'm already over here," Brandy replies. "C'mon, I need that side," Angela insists. "Why?" Brandy says, a little annoyed. "Because it's too close to the air conditioner and I'll get cold," Angela tells her. "No!" Brandy says firmly. "Are you serious?" Angela says. Both of them pick up pillows and whack each other. Brandy's pillow knocks Angela's strapless top off her chest, exposing her beautiful, big boobs. And the action begins. Brandy was doing XXX with guys at this point (her first two were at SCORE, naturally). Angela has always been into girls big-time but when this was shot, she was still a long time away from her first on-camera cock in 2011 (with SCORE also). Imagine the two of them on one cock. The brain locks up thinking of what could have been. Angela straps on a fake pink cock. She stands on the bed and Brandy gets into a kneeling position. Angela tells Brandy to suck her fake prick and "use lots of spit." This was the only time Angela and Brandy connected. Both would become big-time fuck stars. In the beginning, they were both SCORE Girls.
It's the end of a long, hard day in the SCORE Studio. Yep, Angela's spent the last eight hours giving her tits and pussy quite a workout. Sucking and biting her nipples. Fucking her pussy with her fingers and big dildos. So it's time for her to relax with a nice, warm bath. Angela takes off her little red dress, and she speaks to us in her sexy Aussie accent. We see her big, floppy tits, soft belly and hairy pussy. She was only 18 years old when this video was shot and looked so young and succulent. She soaps up her big tits and shakes them into the camera. "I really want to impress you V-Girls out there," Angela says. "I'm going to massage my boobies. I gave them a hard workout today. Slapped them around and sucked them and bit them. But it was fun." She tit-fucks the shower massager then uses it on her pussy. "It turns me on so much when you guys jack off, especially when it's to me." Turn her on, men.

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